Students Would Recommend Mrs. Wood! (Pun intended)

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When you walk into the art room, students are intently and quietly at work on their projects. The smell of paint or clay can often be detected, and tunes on the boombox fill the room with an infectious energy.  Art now has a 21st century spin to it thanks to new Arlington Memorial High School and Middle School (AMHS) art teacher, Christine Wood. Wood is a soon-to-be mother who currently lives in Arlington with her husband and two dogs. She  says, “When I married my husband, we decided to settle down in his hometown of Arlington. I know from experience that it can be valuable to teach in the community you live in, so when I saw an opening, I couldn’t apply fast enough.”


Wood received her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the University of Connecticut. Before coming to Arlington, she taught at Twin Valley High School. About Arlington, she  says, “Working here has been great; every day I’m getting to know the kids better and better.” Both of Wood’s parents and her grandfather were teachers. “My parents actually still teach, because they love their jobs so much. They told me that they look forward to getting up every morning to go to work. That really stuck with me, and I aspired to choose a career that would enable me to do the same thing. So far, I have felt the same exact way in my 10 years in education. I guess teaching is in the genes.”


Outside of teaching, Wood loves to stay active throughout the seasons. “In the winter, ice fishing and skiing consume my weekends. Then in the spring and summer, my fishing pole and golf clubs come out. In the fall, I enjoy hunting and apple picking. Pretty much anything to get me outside. I also love taking photographs, painting, walking my dogs, watching the Boston Bruins, and hanging out with my family.”
In addition to teaching several art classes, Mrs. Wood will also teach woodworking next year.

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