Deadpool will have you dying on the floor

Alyssa Vanderbilt

May 12, 2016

This gruesome action comedy is not a movie you would want see with your mother… But is easily the funniest superhero movie of all time.  If you are familiar with the the hero world,  you know that Marvel is known for throwi...

Better Call…. James McGill?

Corey Davis

May 6, 2015

Everyone remembers the cult phenomena known as "Breaking Bad." Whether you watched it, didn’t watch it, hated it or had no opinion one way or the other; everyone knew about the show. It is an undeniable fact that the show made...

Lack of Arts Programs a Disservice to Students

Sofie Pedemonti

January 3, 2015

If you were to walk into the art room at Arlington Memorial High School, you would hear the faint sound of music playing in the background, smell the fresh paint and clay, and see a group of kids working on their art.  The problem...

Inside the Huddle – Weekend Update 11/19

Dallas Oliver, Sports Editor

November 30, 2014

This weekend in the NFL was certainly eventful as there were many upsets, growling coaches, unsatisfied players, big performances, and a narrowing playoff picture. Let’s start with the upsets. The upsets included a Rams 22-7...

The Complexity of A Song of Ice and Fire

Corey Davis, Arts and Entertainment

November 16, 2014

The Game of Thrones was first brought to the public eye by George R.R. Martin when it was first published in 1996. The first novel spawned an entire series titled A Song of Ice and Fire, which Martin is still writing to this day, ...

Star-Lord, Man

Corey Davis, Arts and Entertainment

November 16, 2014

A runaway prince, a psycho-killer, the Mad Titan Thanos’ daughter, a giant tree and a talking raccoon. Sounds pretty bizarre, I’m sure, but they’re all pretty awesome. These five make up the Guardians of the Galaxy, the la...

Breaking Bad and Why It’s Important

Corey Davis, Arts and Entertainment

November 16, 2014

When iconic television shows are thought of, many  come to mind: Seinfeld, The Sopranos, The Wire, Friends - the list just goes on. But possibly the highest name on that list has become none other than Breaking Bad. Breaking...