Life’s Never Dull With New Math and Social Studies Teacher Steve Kruger

April 5, 2016

Many new students feel insecure and worried about fitting in, but Steve Kruger seems as if he has been a fixture in the Arlington Middle School for years. Kruger is the new middle school math and social studies teacher, and his stud...

Students Would Recommend Mrs. Wood! (Pun intended)

Devon Jamieson

April 5, 2016

When you walk into the art room, students are intently and quietly at work on their projects. The smell of paint or clay can often be detected, and tunes on the boombox fill the room with an infectious energy.  Art now has a 21st ce...

Goodbye and Good Luck Captain Clutch

Dallas Oliver, Sports

November 16, 2014

Twenty-two years ago, a young shortstop from Pequannock Township, New Jersey was selected directly out of high school by the New York Yankees in the first round of the 1992 amateur draft. This shortstop was Derek Jeter. Jeter...